Packing Boxes

Removalist Cardboard Moving Boxes

We can supply high quality cardboard packing boxes in ten different sizes. These range from wardrobe boxes through to standard storage box size. We also supply tape and marker pens along with pre printed stickers for identifying the box.

Moving Box Rental Scheme

We can arrange ad bring to you Removalist Rental Box packages that minimize all your packing worries.
We understand the importance of robust packaging when moving homes and the rental packing box system offers the best packing experience at competitive prices. These removal boxes are made of heavy duty industrial plastics with secure lids.

As with card board boxes, we not only deliver them but we pick them up after the move.

Advantages of Plastic Removalist Boxes

  • The rental plastic moving boxes are environment friendly, recyclable, and superior to cardboard boxes.
  • They are stackable and securable.
  • They don’t fall apart when wet and can’t be crushed.
  • Cost less than cardboard boxes.
  • Easy to manoeuvre from room to room with our light weight heavy duty dollies.
  • Minimise fragile breakages and stress of disposing old cardboard removalist boxes.

These moving boxes are environmentally friendly

They are much easier on the environment than cardboard boxes. You will save trees by using these. Cardboard boxes end up being used once or twice and tossed out. These reusable plastic containers can be used hundreds of times before recycling them.

They are stronger than cardboard boxes

Plastic Rental Removalist Boxes are constructed of durable, heavy duty industrial plastic. They last forever.

They are stackable

The strength and design of Plastic moving containers allows secure stacking of up to 5 high. You can load up to 35kg into each box without the risk of crushing them. You can roll these stacks on our supplied dolly. No more crushed cardboard boxes and broken glass or ornaments.

No folding and taping

Our plastic moving boxes come ready made and rigidly formed. No struggling with folding and taping the bottom. Just fill it up, snap the lid closed and repeat the process until you finish.

They cost less than cardboard removalist boxes

Simply because we can use them many more times than cardboard boxes before we recycle them. A teachest cardboard box is around $5 each. 40 of them would cost around $200 before delivery charges are added. Our two bedroom Plastic Removalist Box package contains 40 boxes with FREE packing material including FREE delivery and Pick-up and costs only $189.

Our Plastic Removalist Box packages include everything you need for packing a successful move

  • Butchers wrapping paper
  • Bubble wrapping
  • Stickers for labelling
  • Marker pen
  • Zip ties to securely close the boxes
  • Dollies to manoeuvre your boxes around the house
  • Free Delivery and Collection for Sydney metropolitan area

If you would like to learn more about these options then call us to day to have us explain the options available to you.