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Tips On Selecting A Storage Facility

There is an increasing demand for safe and secure storage facilities everywhere! As time passes, we all seem to have the habit of increasing our possessions and we find it really hard to dispose the old possessions we have accumulated, even though we know we should. This is because of sentimental reasons that we put high value on them, but there are many other reasons. There is a rising trend for people on the move to a new location to have a storage facility close to where they are moving to to store the non urgent things so there is not the feeling on overwhelm when moving into a new home for example. Others use a storage facility to take the overload they know is going to occur when downsizing from a 5 bedroom home to a two bedroom inner city apartment!

How to choose a storage facility

Remember that the items you are planning to store at the facility are to come back to you in the same condition that you delivered it. You need to visit some of the local self storage facilities and ensure this is going to be the case by checking on them before signing a contract.

You need to carefully consider the following points before engaging a Storage Facility in Sydney.


  • Check what security measures are offered by the self storage facility such as CCTV and remote monitoring.


  • Ensure you can access your belongings whenever you need to twenty four hours a day seven days a week.


  • Ensure the space being offered is sufficient for you and they are flexible for you to have more in the future if required.


  • Its really important that the storage space offered is good enough and functional for the goods that you want to store there. For example, a secure and enclosed unit with solid walls for storing valuable items.


  • If some of your items require specific climatic and air flow conditions to stay in top condition, ┬ácheck that a damp environment does not exist. would likely ruin certain goods like stored business documents or art works.


  • The storage facility should be clean and well maintained in all regards. Ensure the facility has a pest control contractor regularly attending the establishment. You don’t want pests likes rats or mice destroying your valuables!


  • Read the contract. Do not agree or sign anything without first understand the terms and conditions and also the storage contract price you are committing to. You do not want any unexpected surprises once you have moved all your items there.


  • If you are storing a lot of belongings, especially large heavy ones, ensure that the removals truck can get to the entrance of the storage facility. This will create an issue of extra manpower when you want to move these items or clear out the storage facility at the sand of the lease.