Business Storage

We have a long history of providing storage solutions for Sydney business owners? Do you need a secure place where your can securely store offsite all your business records or office equipment not needed on a day to day basis? If so, we offer very competitive prices and can tailor a solution to meet all your requirements.

We offer a safe and secure storage facilities on the outer fringe of the city in the Northern Beaches and would welcome you as a client. We have offered these types of storage solutions many years and have many corporate businesses using our facilities at any one time. We can cater for short or long period storage requirements and have industry contacts to assist for special requirements that we may not be able to provide for all your possessions.

We provide flexible and convenient terms and conditions of lease for all business storage services for storing all your office equipment, commercial stock and business records etc.

We can assist with any packing services you may require and ensure a timely collection and delivery service also if needed. Our experience will ensure the efficiently use of the storage space leased and the minimum number of packing boxes to achieve the move.

Access to your storage items at times you require is also no problem at all. We will arrange times to suit you. You only need to call us so that we can make plans to accommodate your time table and needs.

We have varying cubic meter boxes for storing your items. These boxes are what we have used for many years and meet business customer needs and ensure clients various documents are kepis secure and fit for purpose. The facility is arranged so your various documents are packed separately under separate locking, if required for compliance reasons. The boxes we store clients belonging in are strong, durable and fully enclosed to ensure that no insect or such like can enter to damage your documents.

Security is an essential aspect of our Business Storage Services in Sydney. We have a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week video CCTV electronic surveillance system operating to ensure your items being stored are protected at all the times. Our premises are also located in an air conditioned facility area to ensure there is no adverse environmental effects to your stored items.

Call us today to learn more of our storage services and all the business packing services we can provide you with.